Hacienda de Temixco No. 28 Int. A-5
Col. Bosque de Echegaray
Naucalpan, Estado de México
C.P. 53310
Batallón de San Patricio 109 Sur Piso 17
Col. Valle Oriente
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.
C.P. 66260

CIMENTACIONES APLICADAS is a company specialized in the construction of the following types of deep foundations:

  • Drilled Piles or CIDH Piles
  • Pile driving
  • Sheet Piles
  • Soldier Piles
  • Piledwalls

Our presence in the construction industry in Mexico for over 20 years has provided us with experience and also has enabled us to suggest solutions on deep foundation problems and other systems. We have worked all over the Mexican territory that has a large diversity of conditions in its soil: from soft sands to solid rocks; in plain lands, hard access mountains or over the water. Our customers certify our excellent qualifications in the execution of deep foundations for their projects: bridges, buildings, warehouses, factories, retaining walls, etc.

This expertise is at your service and we will be glad to serve you at any requirement, support and execution of construction project you may have soon: As part of our service, we consider that most of our customers deserve the best attention.

Our machinery and tools are designed and maintained to work at the best performance and we are always worried about having the newest technology available to continue offering the highest quality and efficient job in any project.

Let us know if there is any project we may help you on. We will be glad to give quotes, advisory and support on any type of deep foundation you need for your construction project in our country. If you are planning to invest in Mexico and that includes the construction of facilities, you may count on us for assessment.

Our contact information is available. We will be glad to hear about you.